How to Raise a Support Request



Creating a Support Request

To create a support request and receive support from UBX Cloud, we require all requests to be logged as tickets by one of these three methods:



 1. You may email your request to "". Make sure to provide a subject in the email along with any pictures, screenshots, or any other details that feel necessary to include. 

 2. Go online to enter your support request through this website:

 3. To create your ticket online, make sure you select the "Helpdesk" option for the department, and proceed to provide your name and email address along with a message on what you need assistance with.

 4. At the bottom of your ticket, there is a feature where you will also have the option to upload any necessary files containing screenshots or pictures if needed: 
 5. Once you are done filling out all required fields and/or uploading any images, make sure to submit your ticket at the very bottom of the page.
 6. The last method you can use to submit in a request is by calling our 24 hour support dispatch at: 1-248-686-2000.




After your request has been logged by dispatch from one of the following methods above, you will be immediately emailed with your ticket details. You will receive a personal response from one of our support staff via email or phone within four business hours.

 In order to maintain efficiency, please do not email, call, or text our technicians or engineers directly unless you have created a support ticket using one of the methods above. If you have any questions regarding our support policies you may discuss them with the account manager assigned to your account. 

*To check for maintenance or outages please visit:

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